Safety Information

• Fuel and its vapours are extremely flammable and explosive. Fill fuel tank outdoors, away from open flames, sparks, heat, and other ignition sources.
• Static electricity can ignite fuel and its vapours. Properly ground funnel, according to owner’s manual of the equipment you are refuelling. (Only black models are conductive and can be grounded).
• Do not overfill tank. If fuel spills, wait until it evaporates before starting engine.
• Some droplets of fuel may remain in FU-FILT after use. Do not store it in plastic bag or other sealable container because that will prevent fuel from evaporating. Store funnel with same safety precautions as you would store any fuel.
• Properly dispose of hazardous waste.

General Information

FU-FILT is designed for use with petrol, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene fuels. Ideal for use with motor bikes, scooters, cars, etc.


• Use of FU-FILT with other substances may damage filter.
• Test funnel before each use. Add water to FU-FILT to cover bottom 1/3 of filter. Water should not pass through.
• Fuel additives and stabilizers may allow water to pass through filter. Add additives directly to tank.
• If fuel has been shaken (for example, in transport) let it rest several minutes before filtering; otherwise, water in fuel could pass through filter.
• Do not attempt to remove filter from FU-FILT. It is permanent.
• Do not wipe out or clean FU-FILT after use.

Instructions - 3 Easy Steps

• Insert FU-FILT into item to be filled. Keep FU-FILT level.
• Pour fuel into FU-FILT but not directly onto filter.
• “Dump the sump.” Water and debris will collect in the sump, the area below the filter. Pour sump contents into separate approved container and treat as hazardous waste. Note: As water collects in bottom of funnel or if flow rate slows, stop refuelling and “dump the sump.” Funnel requires no cleaning.

Other Safety Information

Do not fill from a gas pump into portable fuel containers using FU-FILT.